Classic Trailer Feb 26th Ride Times

We will welcome record numbers of competitors to Stone Ridge Eventing on Sunday, February 26th! We’ve been extremely fortunate to host 3 events this winter with decent weather. It will be a chilly start Sunday morning but the forecast looks dry and decent. Apparently we’ve used up our 75 and sunshine quota the past 2 weeks but we are thankful to be 4 for 4 on “ride-able” weather this winter. #WhoNeedsFlorida 

RIDE TIMES: Revised 2/23 11:30pm

Important Competitor Announcements:

Parking is at a premium.
Please heed the directions of the parking steward. Be courteous of later arrivals. Park as tightly as you possibly can.

Introducing your Show Secretary:
Order of Go, Course Maps, Scored Dressage Tests…all in this little box that will be sitting on the table. Please help yourself. If you don’t see what you need, find Cynthia Wiseman. Please do not disturb Donna. She’s our scorer. Not the show secretary.

All competitors, friends, family and coaches are entitled to a free 1-point trailer and tow vehicle inspection from Classic Trailer, Inc. Printed coupons are available in the “Classic Trailer” folder of your Show Secretary box

Rinse your horses IN THE GRAVEL. Do NOT rinse your horse on the grass slope next to the barn and pasture gate. This makes the exit extremely slick and it’s already tricky enough for rigs to get out.

Don’t freak about the trakehner. =) It is adjustable. It is set for Training Level. It will be dropped one brace for each level. It’s really extremely inviting especially at the BN level. It jumps better than the plain ditch. Ride confidently, keep your eyes up.

If you get eliminated anywhere on course you are allowed to continue on course and to subsequent phases. This is a schooling show with the purpose of developing horse and rider to be successful at USEA Recognized competition.

Classic Trailer Winter Eventing & Dressage Series Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the horse trials. Please give Cynthia a few moments to tally the final numbers in between coaching. To be eligible a horse & rider combination must have earned points at the level in 2 shows.

Series Standings: Eligible Competitors

Champion & Reserve will each take home gorgeous, long rosettes with the Stone Ridge Eventing Logo.
Champions will also receive an embroidered fleece quarter sheet
Reserve Champions will receive a trophy in addition to their rosette.