Classic Trailer Winter Eventing & Dressage November Ride Times


The forecast indicates a crisp start to Sunday but temperatures are expected to rise to sunshine and 53 degrees throughout the day. The wind looks to be mild as well.  A 9:00am start will give a bit of time to warm up slightly and a little easier travel time for our competitors.  We are projected to have the competition completed by 3:00pm giving plenty of time to get home Sunday evening and get prepared for return to work and school on Monday.

Parking is at a premium so please be considerate of space and organization. We will try to have a parking steward to assist in the process. We have a lot of trailers to cram into a tight space. Please pull through the gate into the pasture to park. Do not park on the yard.

Our warmup area should be adequate, especially for the morning while just dressage is running. Warmup jumps will be set at the far north end of the warmup area in the afternoon. Jumping competitors are encouraged to give the dressage people their own space at the south end.

We will have a Self Serve Secretary Tent upon your arrival. Check yourself in please. There will be a box of bridle tags and a sheet to compare your number to. There are also folders labeled for XC Course Maps and Show Jumping Course Maps. Grab your number, check yourself off the master list, snag your course maps and let your show begin.

Donna York has graciously volunteered to be our scorer. She is diligent and quick and is a volunteer. Please be kind and patient and give her space to work. Dressage tests will be available to pick up at the show tent as quickly as possible.  If you have questions, please hunt down Cynthia Wiseman (she’s loud, bouncy and usually in a little pony tail and hat) and give Donna a distraction free scoring zone.

The water spigot is at the north end of the barn. There will be one long hose headed to the water complex. Please leave it be. Use the wash rack hose to get water for horses. Do not rinse horses on grass.

Reminder- ribbons are awarded 1st through 6th in the horse trials. There are no ribbons awarded to dressage tests or schooling jumper rounds. Dressage tests will be placed and will earn points towards the Classic Trailer Winter Eventing & Dressage Series Awards. Ribbons will be labeled and available for self pickup at the show tent.

Many thanks to the volunteers and to our judge! We couldn’t provide this opportunity without their help. 

See you Sunday!