Classic Trailer Winter Eventing Series Announced

It’s Back!

You know the story. Everyone is down in Florida working hard this winter getting better and you’re stuck in Missouri. School. Job. Reality. No chance to get away.

So we offer the opportunity say Forget Florida! We can get it done here. Here’s the deal. We schedule shows for the winter and if the weather holds and we’re lucky enough to run them, bonus. If not, then you get your money back.

Offering Starter through Novice Training Schooling Horse Trials, dressage through Training Level, Western Dressage, dressage test of choice (Anything you can ride in a 20mx40m). Horse trials offer ditches, water, bank, mound, all kinds of good terrain questions all in one big field where your friends, family and coach can watch the entire course. Show jumping is held on grass. Dressage in a limesand arena. Eliminated riders get to continue and schooling after the event is free to all horse trial competitors. The goal is to learn and to improve and to be ready when our Area IV season kicks off next spring.

Join us Sunday, November 26th and Sunday, December 17th. Later dates TBA.

We also welcome back¬†Classic Trailer as sponsor of the Winter Eventing Series! Many thanks to Mark and Louise Wheeler for your continued support. Reliable, honest, friendly trailer care in Springfield, MO. They’ve kept Stone Ridge rolling safely down the highway for nearly 10 years and we log some serious miles!