Experience Eventing

Horse Ownership

Cynthia is available to compete horses for an owner; either to help get extra mileage to make him easierdarcy ownership for you as the rider to compete, to help your horse move up the levels, or as part of a long term commitment to help your horse reach his full potential.

Becoming an owner gives you the opportunity to be intimately involved in the process of bringing a horse to the upper levels of eventing  Enjoy the camraderie of co-ownership, the excitement of watching your horse compete and the thrill of watching him progress to the top of the sport with a rider who is focused, energetic and motivated.

Become a part of Stone Ridge Eventing through syndicated, partial or complete ownership of a young prospect or a seasoned eventer. Please contact Cynthia if you would like to discuss a competition plan with your current horse or to explore ownership opportunities.

Learn more about the benefits of syndication, ownership and co-ownership at www.experienceeventing.com.


National Exposure with Upper Level Competitor

Reach an untapped demographic! Eventing presents an opportunity for your company to receive hundreds of thousands of impressions. Being a part of this exciting, extreme sport provides your brand with the chance to gain wide exposure on an international level with minimal competition, making your brand the center of attention.

Having enough talent to qualify for top level eventing worldwide is very difficult, therefore this sponsorship opportunity represents a unique chance for your brand to stand out to viewers, and make a considerable impact through partnership with one of the top equestrian athletes.

Generate brand exposure with an outgoing, energetic, respected equestrian and receive effective, efficient value for your marketing dollars. Cynthia travels to many competitions throughout the United States and the opportunities for your product to be seen will only continue to grow as a result of her endorsement and publicity.

Each sponsorship opportunity with Cynthia Wiseman is unique with the common goal of knowing that all of your needs as a Sponsor are met and generating the most revenue possible for your brand.  Because of this, we work with you to create a Sponsorship catered to meet your needs.

Learn more about this unique sport and the demographic this market reaches


Benefits Available:

  • National exposure at all events attended by Stone Ridge Eventing and top level advertising at all events held at Stone Ridge in 2017. The 2017 Stone Ridge Competition Schedule includes events in  Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Louisiana.
  • Receive social media leads and brand awareness through exposure on Stone Ridge Eventing’s Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Receive media and press coverage, generating brand exposure
  • Logo placed on banners, as well as any other negotiated items such as the Stone Ridge Eventing website which receives thousands of hits per month, clothing, saddle pads and horse trailer
  • Cynthia will represent your business well as a national athlete available for signings, trade events, public speaking and client entertainment opportunities

To get started, please email us at cynthia@stoneridgeeventing.com or contact Cynthia directly at 417-880-4567. References available.


American Horse Trials Foundation Tax- Deductible Contribution

Cynthia’s success at the upper levels  of eventing coupled with her dedication and determination to further her riding career have enabled her to become eligible for grants through the American Horse Trials Foundation.

Donations are 100% tax deductible according to IRS Code Section 501 (c)3. The American Horse Trials Foundation was established in 1987 to assist 3-Day Event Riders and Organizers in raising tax deductible financial support for national and international competition. Cynthia has recently established grant eligibility with the AHTF. By making a tax deductible contribution to the AHTF, you will help Cynthia and her horses realize their potential.

Learn more about The American Horse Trials Foundation