Series Champions

At the conclusion of the Classic Trailer Winter Eventing & Dressage Series, awards were presented to the Champion and Reserve Champions in each division. Competitors were required to have earned points in 2 of the 4 shows to be eligible.

Champion: Agitated Hawk & Lawson Tunnell
Reserve: Snowflake Lane & Becca Hunt

Beginner Novice
Champion: Like A Boss & Nicole Hetzel
Reserve: Hails Bails & Melinda Parnell

Starter Novice
Champion: Light as a Feather & Cassie Bethea
Reserve: Impressed by Surprise & Cayla Bethea

Introductory Dressage
Champion: Mia & Jamie Thayer
Champion: Ezmerelda & Katy Finegan
Reserve: Great Expectations & Anita Moots

Training Dressage
Champion: Annika of Marwan & Jennifer Roberts
Reserve:  Class Clown & Mariellen Raucher

Eventing Test of Choice
Champion: Perspective & Heather Kircher
Reserve: White Stromboli & Christy Niehues

Western Dressage Test of Choice
Champion: RR Lonsum Texas & Karen Musselman

Novice Champion

Novice Champion

Agitated Hawk and Lawson Tunnell
Beginner Novice Champion

Beginner Novice Champion

Like a Boss and Nicole Hetzel
Starter Novice Champion

Starter Novice Champion

Light as a Feather and Cassie Bethea
Starter Novice Reserve Champion

Starter Novice Reserve Champion

Impressed by Surprise and Cayla Bethea
Introductory Dressage Co Champion

Introductory Dressage Co Champion

Mia and Jamie Thayer