It was bound to happen. It was a slightly insane idea- let’s host an eventing and dressage series in the thick of Missouri winter. The goal- to keep motivated, to further our skills, and to provide a competitive and educational environment for those of us who can’t just pack up and go to Florida for the winter.

We defied the odds actually and had warm weather for half of the shows and a bit of early rain that quickly cleared off at a third. Our final event of the Classic Trailer Winter Eventing & Dressage Series at Stone Ridge Eventing caught us a bit off guard. We were invincible!  Apparently it truly was winter.

A chilly but manageable morning developed into heavy snow, sleet and then a wintry mix of rain and snow for a bit. It was entertaining to say the least. Great stories come from adversity.  The cross country course maintained its integrity and the competitors and volunteers maintained their warm attitudes despite the blizzard tease. Several scratches occurred but those who ran did so with no problems.

Show jumping was a twisty course set on grass. The time was adjusted to allow for the caution needed for the rollbacks and challenging bending lines. The majority of horses and riders were able to maintain a forward balance and put in confident rounds although a few greener pairs encountered some unfortunate challenges.

The precipitation let up by the afternoon and our resilient dressage competitors enjoyed the moisture in the arena footing and a relaxed environment to close out our Classic Trailer Winter Eventing & Dressage Series.

Series Champions were crowned for those riders who earned points in a minimum of 2 of the 4 competitions. Series Champions received large rosettes and quarter sheets. Reserve Champions received large ribbons and a trophy.

Series Champions

February 26th Results

Thank you to the many competitors who supported the Classic Trailer Winter Eventing & Dressage Series!

Thank you to Classic Trailer, Inc of Springfield, MO for sponsoring our event and helping to build eventing and dressage in “417” Missouri.

Thank you to our judge Claudia Coley who kept things fun and educational.

Thank you to our resilient, dedicated scorer Donna York.

Thank you to the throngs of hard core volunteers who have made this Series possible:
Heather Kircher, Jen Lender, Nicole McCoy, Debbie Tunnell, Lacey Messick, Andy Tunnell, Heath Wiseman, Shannon Ranson, Shannon Hetzel, Mike Wiles, Carmen Wiles, Lawson Tunnell, Reagan Wiles, Linda Hetzel. You are amazing. Period.

Although we closed out with snow and cold and yuck, I still declare #WhoNeedsFlorida?  Let’s just say we are more prepared for the pitfalls of early spring Midwest eventing. #GoEventing